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RapidSSL Wildcard


SSL2BUY offers RapidSSL Wildcard at just $78/yr.

How to get this discount offer?

To avail this amazing offer on RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate just visit on and redeem below coupon code.
Coupon Code: HANGOVER


• Maximum Protection: The word “wildcard” stands for providing maximum security to unlimited sub domains and hence it is called an extension to the normal encryption. A single certificate can only secure a primary domain while RapidSSL wildcard can secure unlimited sub domains.
• Cost: When you have wildcard, you do not need to spend a single penny for the rest of your sub domains. It focuses on lower administrative and deployment costs.
• Certificate Management: A single certificate is enough to protect unlimited sub domains over the web so it would be easy for enterprise to manage certificate during certificate’s lifespan.
• Unlimited Domains: It can provide protection to sub domains like purchasing security for (* can secure, etc.
• Compatibility: With the support of 99% of desktop and mobile browsers, it prevents users from finding compatibility error messages.

About SSL2BUY:

SSL2BUY is recognized as a provider of the best quality SSL security certificate and RapidSSL wildcard is one of the highest claiming securities. Therefore, keeping the rising need for it, SSL2BUY brings an amazing discount offer. SSL2BUY is there to support our present and future clients with 24/7 Live chat support.

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