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Quality Grizzly Rooster Feathers for hair extensions

Top Fashion

More comfortable
Small MOQ are acceptable
Competitive factory prices
buy 100 packs and get 15 free
Various colors

-Solid Burnt Orange
-Orange Grizzly
-Solid Yellow
-Yellow Grizzly
-Solid Turquoise
-Turquoise Grizzly
-Olive Green
-Solid Purple
-Purple Grizzly
-Solid Pink
-Pink Grizzly

-Natural Grizzly
-Dark Variant
-Silver Dun

-Furnace : these are reddish/auburn color on the front with a black strip down the middle and on the back the feather looks tan colored.
-Iridescent Black: these feathers look black but in the sunlight they have a beautiful teal sheen to them...there is a little grayish/white poof at the top of most)
-Fluorescent Orange

We also have available, Ostrich Feathers, Pheasant feathers, Stripped goose Biots, Strung Chinese 5 to5 saddle, Metz Cock Neck, Grizzle variant Schlappen and many others.
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