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Is the internet from the devil?
by babalobi
The Perils of TV and the Internet

The advent of TV and the internet have changed the world dramatically. To some extent, TV and the internet have helped to bring the world right in the corner of our homes. Latest news of happenings around the globe can be instantly circulated. Educational programs can also be viewed via the TV and the internet. As a matter of fact, religious programs can also be viewed from the TV. However, the disadvantages of both far outweighed the advantages.
A recent survey indicates that 50% of the programs shown on TV have some form of sexual contents which could be detrimental to the ethical values of our teenagers. The survey went further to reveal that adolescents watched an estimated three hours of TV on a daily basis. Can you believe that? By simple calculations, three hours of TV a day would amount to 45 days a year. Theoretically, out of the allotted twelve months of the year, one and half month is spent just watching TV. No wonder the TV was recently be tagged “The Devil’s Box” by a famous evangelist. The sad part is that professed Christians are not immune from such addiction to TV
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