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Grizzly rooster feathers for hair extension


We are large scale suppliers of different types of feathers at different sizes at cheap prices ROOSTER TAIL FEATHERS - Rooster Feathers are
available in many different sizes and colors. Our Stripped Dyed Rooster
Tail Feathers are a very popular millinery item. They are very fancy and available in four colors including red and purple which are used for
Red Hat Society apparel. We have long dyed and natural Rooster Tail
Feathers which are used most commonly by Danzantes Aztecas. Rooster Tail feathers are also very popular for Polynesian head dresses. Our Dyed
Rooster Tail Feathers are available in 14-16"and 16-18" sizes, and we
now offer them in up to 12 different colors. Aside from dyed colors, we
also carry 3 different shades of natural colors. The most popular of
course is the Natural Black Rooster Tail Feathers. Also called Natural
Bronze. The Natural Black has a shiney green iridescence that is quite
striking in natural sunlight. Our Half Bronze Rooster Tail Feathers are
mostly Bronze with strips of natural reddish brown running vertically
throughout the feather. Grey Chinchilla Rooster Tail Feathers are very
unique looking feathers in that they have a natural Grey barring pattern
that runs horizontally.
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