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Frozen & Roasted Eel

We are a private trading firm with offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa. GTI has been actively involved in the development and expansion of business opportunities in the global market. Industries which GTI serves include Food and aquatic products.

GTI's success in bringing together the interest of growing markets around the world with a very wide range of companies has earned us the reputation as a strong performer within the field of international trade.

GTI has established trade relations in Asia , Europe , and America , and is expanding its activities into other parts of the world.


Raw materials enter factory?Grading?Iced?Cutting?Inspection?Rinse?Prepared eel?Stewing?Roasted eel?Precooling?IQF?Metal inspection?Finished products grading?Warehouse?Ex-warehouse,added sauce?Bagging?Vacuum sealing?Check for leaks,grading?Sign sizes?Weighting(5KG)?Boxing(CTNS-5KG)?Metal inspection?Cartoning(CTN-10KG)?Warehouse

Raw material: Anguilla anguilla/Anguilla japonia/Unagi/Anago
Technology: Kabayaki roasted eel headless back-cut/ Kabayaki roasted eel headon back-cut/Kabayaki roasted eel headon abdomen-cut/Shirayaki headless back-cut
Sauce content: depend
Size: 5OZ-20OZ

Color: brown yellow
Material: Live Eel (Aguilla Aguilla or Japonica species)
Packing:10kg/ctn; 1ctn X 2Boxes X 5kgs
The shelf life: 24 months

Nutritional Value:
The eel includes rich elcments and so on Vitamin A,B1,B2,E. Eating the eel to be advantageous in promotes the child brain growth,compares the nutrition with the poultry meat to be rich,is one kind to heart blood vessel of brain advantageous healthy food.

individual vacuum packed
5kg/box, 2 boxes/carton
shelf life: 24 months
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