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"David Beckham puts on Phi Ronaldo's No. 11 jerseys, Ronaldo wore No. 9 jersey Morientes left." Face Beckham join Real Madrid, which may bring the battle of the Real Madrid jersey number, wholesale jerseys, "Aspen Daily News" designs a perfect solution for the "white army". At last the jersey number of arrangements completely not takes into account the wishes of the "Moorish" (Morientes nickname).

The first program, sacrificing Morientes

"Aspen Daily News" reporter Luis Ronaldo wears the number 9 shirt, in order to help to restore the reputation of the "R9". Although Beckham's brand image is inextricably linked with the No. 7 jersey, Cheap NFL Jerseys, meanwhile, he and Spencer also signed a sponsorship contract in condition that Beckham must wear the No. 7 jersey. It is obviously impossible task that David Beckham takes away the 7th jerseys from Real Madrid player Raul.

Early before Beckham joined Real Madrid, Raul categorically said that although he welcomed the arrival of David Beckham, but never let out to follow his years of No. 7 jersey, Wholesale NFL Jerseys, because this number is already close to his career.

In this case, Lewis believes Real Madrid can only sacrifice Morientes, this substitute striker has received the invitation of the teams of Valencia, Tottenham and Roman. Teenager Portillo's wages is 100,000 euros, only 1/30 of Morientes, so the inexpensive and promising young people is clearly more suitable for sitting on the bench. The only question now is Morientes, he does not want to leave Real Madrid, he repeatedly said publicly that, as long as Real Madrid do not take him away, and he definitely will not initiative take off the white jersey, Cheap NBA Jerseys.

The second program sacrificing McManaman

"Aspen" apparently also take into account this situation, their options, if Morientes does not go, then McManaman will vacated No. 8 jersey for Beckham. According to "Marca" reported that, in order to do so to join Real Madrid, Beckham had already agreed to give up the No. 7 jersey, Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys. British media has suggested Beckham could follow Inter Milan player Koko, wearing jersey No. 77, "Aspen" immediately denied the rumors. According to the relevant provisions of the Spanish League, each player's jersey number of professional teams can not exceed 25.

It seems a problem that which number jersey will be taken for Beckham. However, as the Aspen Daily News "said, fans waiting, not a specific number, as long as a number to Beckham, which jerseys with that number will become a popular commodity in the market this year, while Real Madrid expects this effect. (Editor: )
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