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2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3

800 Mixer DJ Package, Roland TD-20S V-Pro Electronic Drum Set, Apple iPhone 4G HD 32GB, Nikon DX3

We are Suppliers of all kind of DJ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS at affordable prices. We also supply them with their complete accessories.The DJ MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS are all Brand New and they all comes with 1 Year international warranty. All our products comes with original sealed box and coffin with their manuals.

2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 & 1x DJM-800 Mixer DJ Package: (New)
PioneerSVM-1000: (New)
Pioneer DJM-1000 Professional Club DJ Mixer: (New)
Pioneer Cdj 2000: (New)
Pioneer Dvj 1000: (New)
Pioneer CDJ-MK3 1000: (New)
Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer: (New)
Pioneer DJ Effector(Red): (New)
Pioneer System Case (CA-CMX5): (New)
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Digital Vinyl Turntable: (New)
Pioneer Dual Rackmount CD Player: (New)
Pioneer Pro DJ Mixer: (New)

Numark CDX Direct-Drive CD Turntable: (New)
Numark DVD01 Dual DVD Player: (New)
Numark CM100 Club Series DJ Mixer: (New)
Numark TTX Direct-Drive Turntabl: (New)
Numark DXM06 2-Channel Digital Mixer: (New)
Numark iDJ 2 DJ Console for the iPOD: (New)
Numark 5000FX 12? 5-Channel Tabletop Mixer: (New)
Numark AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer with Effects: (New)
Numark X2 Pro Hybrid Turntable And CD / MP3 Player: (New)
Numark CM200USB 5-Channel 19? Rackmount DJ Mixer: (New)

Sony DMX-P01 Portable Digital Mixer: (New)
Sony SRP-X500 Digital Powered Mixer: (New)
Sony SRP-X100 12-Channel Stereo Mixer: (New)
SRP-X700P Powered Audio and Video Matrix Mixer: (New)
Sony DMXP01 Portable Digital Mixer Digital Recording Mixers: (New)
Sony SRP-X100 Rack Mount Audio Mixer. Brand New SRPX100: (New)

Yamaha Tyros 3 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard: (New)
Yamaha Motif XS8 88-Key Keyboard: (New)
Yamaha Tyros2 61-Key Keyboard: (New)
Yamaha YPG-225 Portable Grand: (New)
Yamaha PSR-OR700 61-Key Portable: (New)
White Computer Desk With Flip Down: (New)
Yamaha PSR-S500 61-Key Arranger: (New)
Yamaha Motif XS7 76-Key Keyboard: (New)
Yamaha PSR-S700 61-Key Portable: (New)
Yamaha MO6 61-Key Synthesizer: (New)
Yamaha S08 88-Key Synthesizer: (New)


Roland Fantom G6 61 Key Synthesizer Workstation: (New)
Roland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable Synthesizer: (New)
Roland VK-8M Desktop Virtual Tonewheel Organ Module: (New)
Roland Fantom-XR 128-Voice Expandable Synthesizer: (New)
Roland FP-7C 88-key Digital Piano with Stand: (New)
Roland RP-101 88-key Digital Grand Piano: (New)
Roland MP-70 88-note Hammer Action Digital Piano: (New)
Roland VK-8 61-Key Modeled: (New)
Roland RD-300GX 88-key Digital Stage Piano: (New)
Roland FP-4C 88-key Digital Piano with Stand: (New)
Roland RD-700SX 88-Key Expandable Digital Piano: (New)
Nord Wave Synthesizer, Sample Player and 49-Key Analog Synthesizer: (New)
Nord Wave 49-Key Analog FM Wavetable Synth NW49: (New)
Nord Wave Synthesizer 49 49-key Synthesizer : (New)
Nord Lead 2X 49-Key Virtual Analog Modeling Synthesizer (AMS-NL2X): (New)
Clavia NORD Lead 2X: (New)
Nord Rack 2X Virtual Analog Rack Synthesizer (AMS-NR2X): (New)
Clavia Nord Stage 76 Piano: (New)

Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar: (New)
Gibson 2008 Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar: (New)
Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar: (New)
Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany Electric Guitar: (New)
Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Neck Electric Guitar: (New)


Yamaha Alto Saxophones 275: (New)
Yamaha YTS 275 : (New)
Yamaha Flute-211: (New)
Yamaha YFL-271 : (New)
YAMAHA YCL 457-20: (New)
YAMAHA YCL 457-22: (New)
Yamaha YSL-448 : (New)

ADAM Audio S3A Studio Monitor: (New)
ADAM Audio P22A Studio Monitor: (New)
ADAM Audio P33A Studio Monitor: (New)
ADAM Audio Sub10 MK2 Studio Monitor: (New)
ADAM Audio S2A Studio Monitor: (New)
ADAM Audio S2.5A Studio Monitor: (New)

Roland TD-20S V-Pro Electronic Drum Set : (New)
Roland TD-12S V-Stage Electronic Drum Set : (New)
Roland TD-9SX V-Tour Electronic Drum Set : (New)
Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Electronic Drum Set: (New)

Ludwig Classic Maple 4-Piece Drum : (New)
Ludwig Accent Fab 4 4-Piece Drum Set : (New)
Ludwig Accent CS Custom Elite Power: (New)
Roland TD-3SW V-Compact Drum Set : (New)
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