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10 gallon aquarium and supplies: Freshwater fish and LIVE plants (Pasadena)


10 gallon aquarium, established for almost 3 years, includes the following:
- Lid with two light bulbs that are blue UV/UVB bulbs for the plants, still have the extras that the tank came with that are yellow, and I have an extra blue UV/UVB bulb if one burns out.
-6 LIVE PLANTS, great condition, no snails (2 different small sword plants, and 4 red Ludwigia)
- 4 community fish (1 male orange Lyretail Molly, 2 male Cherry Barbs, 1 "O-Cat" sucker fish)
- natural small gravel
- a few small river rocks
- Asian styled hut décor from Petsmart (the elephant statue stays with me!)
- 10-15 gallon in-tank filter with several refills left over (I also have extra Carbon to add to the bags)
- in-tank heater for 10-15 gallon tank
- in-tank suction cup thermometer
- magnet algae scraper
- 2 algae scrub pads, one has never been used
- aquarium plant pruning tool with clippers
- small net
- small hose/syphon to perform your water changes
- various water conditioners, fish medications, and a good supply of fish food
- aquarium salt (MOLLYS HAVE TO HAVE THIS SALT ADDED TO THE WATER, research this if you are unfamiliar.)

This is well over a hundred dollars worth of aquarium supplies. An absolute steal for someone who hates messing with the irritating wait period of setting up a fish tank properly. Take rest that this is a well cared for aquarium. Aquariums have always been a hobby of mine as I was raised into a family that did this for a hobby. I used to breed freshwater Angelfish several years back, but I have a toddler now, another baby on the way, and we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. We need the space for kid stuff, and the only place I had for this aquarium is just not a good place for cleaning or enjoying the beauty of this at all. I will now just dream of a day I live somewhere with more space and can get a larger aquarium to indulge myself again.

The pictures show 3 of the happy fish out of the 4 that live in there, and you can see I need to get in and do a little algae scrubbing, but the water is clear, and the the plants thrive. I clip out the dead plant limbs as needed, add CO2 fertilizer to brighten their colors (which I have extra of to give as well), and the Molly and O-cat enjoy eating the algae. I also do a 1/4 water change once a month, not counting the fact that I am constantly topping the tank off with filtered water, and I change the filter out about once every other month. With smaller tanks, don't overclean, and dont change the filter and do a water change in the same day. It will shock the eco-system. This tank has room for another small fish or two once you get it well established in your home. : ]

E-mail me to set something up. If you are interested, you must come with a way to transport the fish yourself. I recommend taking about 3/4 of the aquarium water with you as well.
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