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CCTV Machine Vison Lenses


BalaJi MicroTechnologies recognized as major supplier in the Indian market assisting
customer's for lenses. We holds very strong expertise in offering it's customer's dedicated onestopsolution for all their optics requirements in building their imaging systems for large varietyof applications like security / surveillance, machine vision, factory automation, medical imaging,industrial etc.

we hold large portfolio of lenses, filters, accessories & other associated optics which is required
to build complete systems. Our dedicated technical team would be happy to identify &
implement required optics solution in your system.

We hold the lenses with C/CS/F and different mount lenses with wide range of specifications.

We have the lenses from leading global brand like Tamron,Pentax, Ricoh,Sunex etc

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BalaJi MicroTechnologies is registered in India under Indian companies’ act 1955. We are self-financed and privately held company. we are a part of "B.B. GROUP OF COMPANIES".

"We are a machine vision solution provider & recognized as a premier designer and leading supplier of high-performance imaging systems and other imaging components for wide variety of applications. Our company core interest lies in security/surveillance, Industrial/machine vision and medical imaging domain."

BalaJi MicroTechnologies has seen tremendous growth over the years and recognize as one of the leading and highly experienced machine vision solution provider in India. We have a highly talented and skilled multidisciplinary team of engineers with expertise in machine vision applications and hardware and a track record of offering solutions for challenging technical problems. We also cater our customer's with our large portfolio of CCD/CMOS Image Sensor's, Cameras, lenses & filters, accessories & other associated optics which is required to build complete systems.

We are specialized in CCD/CMOS Cameras, USB Cameras, Smart Cameras, Industrial Camera, Custom Camera development, FrameGrabbers, CCD/CMOS image sensors, Machine Vision cameras, 3d cameras, Scientific & Astronomy cameras, CameraLink Cameras, GigE Cameras, Digital Radiography cameras, Microscopy cameras, X-ray & Medical imaging cameras etc.

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